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We Fit Your Strength

Golden Age Iron is a private, locally owned and operated training facility dedicated to the pursuit of strength, athletic performance, and self-improvement. Whether you are an athlete preparing for your next big event or you simply want a better, more serious place to train at than the big franchise gyms, Golden Age Iron has everything you need to help you reach your greatest potential. Click the links below to learn more about what our facility has to offer.

Squat, bench, deadlift.

Olympic Weightlifting

Snatch, clean and jerk.


Odd lifts and feats of strength.

Accessory Equipment

Supplemental strength and conditioning.

About US

Since 2016

Our mission has been to create a training center dedicated to old school gym values: no gimmicks, no nonsense, only strength training.

Through simple, honest business practices, tireless hard work, and help from our growing family of members we have created a unique place that defies the stereotypical gym model and brings people together across a multitude of backgrounds, disciplines and experience levels.

  • Community

    A supportive and friendly community of like-minded lifters and athletes.

  • Knowledge

    Our facility is a diverse forum for sharing ideas and advice among members.

  • Equipment

    Specialized competition and commercial grade equipment covering everything from main lifts to accessories.

  • The Ultimate Training Experience

    24/7 access for members, online and in-person support, a welcoming environment, and nothing but the best equipment.


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